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BFM General Management Programme

As the global economy experiences generational and technological shifts, it calls for leaders who can balance the old and new, who are forward-thinking and flexible, who can influence rather than command and control. Underpinning the ability to do so is the leader’s implicit worldview and his or her ability to think strategically and communicate effectively.

BFM’s General Management Programme (GMP) provides you with a comprehensive view about leading an organisation; and equips you with skills to ask the right questions and make decisions that are not just based on intuition; and provides you with global perspectives to become a more influential leader.

In this 13-day programme over four months, you will cover strategy, innovation, marketing, finance, leadership, and an interdisciplinary module, and you will engage with facilitators from multiple institutions and participate in closed-door sessions with government and business leaders. This programme in its fifth year is also unique because you will discuss cases of Malaysian companies as well as the most cutting-edge ones in the world.

Participants must have more than 10 years of work experience. Applicants may be interviewed prior to enrolment.

A certificate of participation is awarded for attending all modules.

Programme goals

  • Prepare leaders for the rigour of managing companies
  • Equip leaders with global perspectives and entrepreneurial mindset 
  • Help employers develop the next generation of top innovative leaders 

Learning outcomes 

  • Develop strategy and lead strategic change 
  • Sponsor innovation process internally
  • Learn the use of all levers of marketing
  • Learn how to use finance to create value
  • Learn how to lead change

What to expect

  • Presentations, Harvard case study style learning, and hands-on exercises
  • Frameworks to analyse problems and communicate recommendations
  • Closed-door sessions with business leaders and policymakers

Who is right 

  • Business owners
  • CEOs, deputy CEOs, general managers and assistant general managers
  • Heads of departments and senior managers


Strategy, 24 - 26 July 

The success of a leader will be determined by his ability to create sustainable competitive advantage. This module takes you through the process of strategy planning - competitive strategy and corporate strategy frameworks including platform strategy. Using cases, you will analyse management dilemmas and learn from best practice organisations. 

Cases: Google, Hartalega, Hero Honda, Tesla 

Innovation, 21 August 

An organisation’s ability to thrive in disruption is linked to its ability to leverage opportunities. You will explore innovation methodologies and deep dive into human-centred design and the competencies to build a more agile culture. 

Marketing, 22 - 24 August 

You will explore key facets of marketing namely pricing, product development, channel management, digital, and branding to articulate value to your target market. You will also analyse strategies of unconventional companies and consider your organisation’s value proposition. 

Cases: NFL, Metabical, Sephora 

Finance, 11 - 13 September 

Good leaders must know their numbers. This module equips you with a foundation in financial management regardless if you have the experience and training. You should be able to identify potential problems; to recommend actions to create value; and to support strategy through financial management. 

Integration, 2 October 

In this interdisciplinary module, you will integrate what you have learned. Wearing the hat of a CEO, you will analyse and identify the future positioning of a company that operates in a highly competitive environment and has to manage multiple stakeholders. 

Case: Malaysia Airlines 

Leadership, 3 - 4 October 

You will learn about the job of a CEO, how unconventional leaders lead transformation and motivate teams, and on a personal level, examine your goals as you progress in your career. 

Cases: Sir Alex Ferguson, Morning Star (self- management), Starbucks, Zappos 

Entrepreneurial Leadership, 4 October 

The programme culminates in a wrap-up where you will reinforce what you have learned in each module, and get the inside perspective from the founder of BFM Media on building an entrepreneurial organisation. 

Known for its engaging interviews, BFM has featured local and international business and government leaders. Built on an egalitarian culture and a mission to “build first-world Malaysians”, BFM encourages its employees to have purpose and to experiment with new ideas. 


Dr Philipp Meyer-Doyle, Assistant Professor of Strategy, INSEAD 

Meyer-Doyle teaches MBA and executive education programmes. He has worked for UBS specialising in mergers and acquisitions, and for a private equity fund. He holds a PhD and Master of Science in Managerial Science and Applied Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. 

Christoffer Erichsen, CEO, Human Inc 

Erichsen has over 20 years of experience in the fields of innovation, learning and change. He has led and delivered large change management and innovation projects in Europe and Southeast Asia. He advises the UN on innovation, works with business leaders, and mentors startups. He has also been involved with supporting urban innovation in the Middle East and is collaborating with The Danish Design Centre. 

Dr Yi Xiang, Associate Professor of Marketing, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) 

Yi teaches at CEIBS, the business school in China that has achieved top tier global rankings for its programmes. He has also lectured at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, INSEAD, and the University of Chicago. He graduated from Tsinghua University with a degree in materials science, and has Master and doctoral degrees in management from INSEAD. 

Wong Kah Teck, Managing Director, FMTCS 

Wong was a portfolio strategist at CIMB and AmInvestment Bank where he was responsible for spearheading investment advisory and product development strategies. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA); and graduated summa cum laude with a dual degree in finance and economics from Wharton; and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago. 

Tully Moss, Partner, John Clements 

Moss is trained at Harvard Business School to teach the case study method, and has led over a thousand students in executive education programmes in the region using Harvard materials. An MBA graduate from Wharton School, Moss is also a management consultant and coach with more than 30 years of helping companies and executives improve their performances. 


“I found out about GMP through BFM 89.9 my favourite radio station. The programme has been tremendously useful and practical for my business. I learned to look at my business from different perspectives. Also, spreading the course over four months is a great idea as it allows participants to absorb and appreciate the theory and concepts taught. I would highly recommend anyone to attend the GMP.” Lionel Lim, Executive Director, Maltaco MS (GMP ’16) 

“The GMP helps me in my new role as general manager. The programme is concise, and gives me a good foundation for management. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is in a senior role.” Vincent Leong, General Manager, Ferco Seating (GMP ’16) 

“The GMP broadened my perspective about business. In particular, the modules on finance and marketing help me understand our customers' needs better, and to have better conversations with business owners.” Adrian Lee, Manager, SAP (GMP ’16) 

As CTO, I have to think more strategically and about the future. This programme has helped us understand, develop and use various strategies, and better equipped us to analyse financial information and communicate with stakeholders. Since my colleagues joined this programme, we think differently, communicate differently and have become better leaders to take the company forward in the next three to five years.” Feroz Ahmed Ahanger, Chief Technology Officer, Privasia (GMP ’16) 

“The content is useful, substantial and compact. It was just right to get general managers started and I can apply what I learned in my job at management level.” Eddie Quek, Head of Digital Services & Internet of Things, U Mobile (GMP ’16) 

“I was excited when I discovered BFM’s programme. I did my MBA a number of years ago but management concepts do evolve. A large percentage of content in the BFM programme is new and I found that interesting.” Raymond Lim, Managing Director, Airbus Customer Services (GMP ’15) 

“Being an avid listener of BFM, I got to know of the GMP. The classes were intense, the lecturers were very good and were very well prepared. I recommend it to anyone who has a busy schedule and would like to hone their skills. It especially benefitted me to take a broader look at the whole spectrum of business, especially when developing strategies, pulling in resources and defining myself as a leader, and how i can apply that to my company and grow our business.” Sean Soh, Commercial Director, Luen Heng F&B (GMP ’15) 

“I just look forward to coming for classes. The things taught are not what they teach in architecture which is my profession.” Andy Chong, General Manager, T.R. Hamzah & Yeang (GMP ’15) 

“The course has been tremendously rewarding in a sense that it has speakers and participants from various industries with a breadth of knowledge. One of my favourite guest speakers is Tan Sri AK Nathan from Eversendai. He has built up a very Malaysian company and has taken it abroad and is now one of the biggest in its industry.” Jason Lee, Manager, CMS Wires, Cahya Mata Sarawak (GMP ’15) 

“The GMP was extensive, subjects were tough, and the case studies were really good.” Fadli Hafetz, General Manager, Mamee Double Decker (GMP ’14) 

“Impressive and extremely experienced faculty with in-depth practitioners’ view. Great illustration of concepts and principles of the various modules. Excellent networking with the group. The programme has helped me grow. Overall, a really enriching experience.” Julianna Kamaruddin, General Manager, NGC Energy (GMP ’13) 

“The programme strengthened my knowledge that I can apply in my job.” Gladys Goh, General Manager, Nippon Paint (GMP ’13) 

“The case study discussions were detailed and they enhanced learning. The varied opinions of diverse participants enriched the exchange of ideas.” Hoe Cheah How, Chief Investment Officer, RHB Asset Management (GMP ’13) 

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What Can Leaders Learn From Aristotle?

On the surface, philosophy and leadership come from different worlds. Rarely taught in schools, philosophy is sometimes perceived to be the domain of those who purely introspect in the abstract world – think of Immanuel Kant, one of history’s greatest philosophers who never left his home village of Koenigsberg. On the other hand, leadership is something that cannot exist solely in theory; it needs to be applied and practised. 


In this talk, we learn how philosophy and leadership are mutually inclusive and perhaps even, symbiotic. Philosophy gives business leaders the foundation in critical reasoning, questioning and rethinking their assumptions and limitations in an era of rapid changes and complexity. The concept of business as usual and decision-making process traditionally espoused in traditional management education has become outdated. Instead, a new normal calls for creative and abstract thinking. To truly grow as a leader, one cannot lead without understanding philosophy at the micro (self) and macro (society) levels.


Nicholas Khaw is a development economist at Khazanah Nasional, Malaysia’s sovereign development fund, where he leads the economic development research track. His work at Khazanah covers a wide range of development issues including, but not limited to, industrial policy, cluster development, economic complexity, demographics and political economics. In addition, he also heads the knowledge management team at Khazanah, covering knowledge systems, events, and publications as well as the Khazanah Resource Centre.

Prior to Khazanah, Khaw served as an economist in Malaysia’s Economic Planning Unit, where he was directly involved in several national development projects such as the 10th Malaysia Plan, the Economic Transformation Programme, and the Strategic Reform Initiatives. His research interests and intellectual passions are in the field of development economics particularly related to the long-term persistence of historical events and cultural factors on economic and public policy outcomes today.

Khaw holds a Master in Public Administration in International Development from the Harvard Kennedy School and completed his undergraduate studies in economics at Harvard College. He writes a monthly column for The Edge Malaysia. All his writings can be found at

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A Primer on Talent Analytics for HR: Applications and Case Studies

An organisation’s performance is highly dependent on its employees. To effectively deploy talent, human resource managers and other functional managers need to decide based on relevant and accurate data. Companies like Google for instance have been mining data on employee surveys and observations to uncover the most important traits and norms that create good managers and high performing teams. 

In this two-day masterclass on talent analytics that includes hands-on exercises, learn how to use data to predict behaviour, performance and attrition, and to prioritise coaching areas. This empowers managers to make better decisions on recruitment, retention and promotion, thereby improving employee morale, engagement and the return on investment of training programmes.

Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate of participation from BFM-Edge Business School.


Ng Jinsheng is a Director (Training and Consulting) at AnaVantage Management Consultancy based in Singapore, which provides data analytics training and consulting services to regional clients. Starting his career at IBM SPSS, Ng has trained hundreds of participants from the public service and private sector in statistical and data mining concepts, tools and applications in solving business problems. He later joined SAS Institute as an education specialist in training, and thereafter as a senior associate in professional consulting services. Throughout his career, he has also led consulting projects and worked with C-level executives in addressing pressing business issues, during which he received numerous positive testimonials.

Ng graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in statistics and applied probability, and also completed a Masters of Science in Knowledge Management from Nanyang Technological University as one of the top students in his cohort with a Dean’s List award in academic excellence. He is professionally recognised by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). He is also an IBM Business Analytics Certified Specialist in IBM SPSS Modeler (Professional) and IBM SPSS Statistics, as well as SAS Certified Predictive Modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner, and SAS Certified Business Analyst using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling. 

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Arbinger: How Outward Mindset Transforms Organisations

Every organisation is striving to maximise results. Conventional strategies include strengthening people, strategies, resources, structures and more. Indeed, many organisations are very successful in such endeavours.   However, our work with organisations reveals that substantial human potential is still untapped, even in high performing teams. 


This untapped potential can be released by deeply addressing mindset that is how we see the world, specifically people, challenges, opportunities and circumstances. Research in human sciences reveal two distinct mindsets that shape human interaction, behavior and our experiences. 


With one mindset (Inward Mindset), people may be exhibiting all the right behaviours but they are nowhere near performing at their full potential. In the other mindset (Outward Mindset), people are truly functioning at their best and it shows in the results and culture of the organisation.


In this talk, we explore how leveraging an Outward Mindset can be the disruption leaders need to strengthen business growth, deliver results and gain a competitive edge.


Senthiyl S S G, Director (Consulting) for Arbinger Singapore/Malaysia, leads his team in delivering Arbinger's technologies, intellectual properties and programmes in Singapore and Malaysia with the concerted objective of leading and supporting organisations, families and voluntary organisations in their transformation efforts. 

The Arbinger Institute is an international training and consulting firm headquartered in the US. Discovered by scholars working at the deepest levels of human sciences, Arbinger principles and technologies provide a robust framework to support lasting solutions and meaningful relationships at home and work.

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BFM Young Graduates Programme

Transitioning from university to the workplace can be a daunting experience for fresh graduates. 

The challenges are often about adapting to office culture and managing generational differences. For employers, having a robust orientation programme will help young hires assimilate quickly. 

In its first year, this half day programme helps graduates and soon-to-be graduates make career choices, find their fit, and gain a headstart.

You will explore work-life dilemmas and refer to the works of foremost Harvard professor on innovation, Clayton Christensen, and Professor Carol Dweck at Stanford University on growth mindset. 

A certificate of participation is awarded for completing the programme.

Programme goals

  • Help participants transition to a job environment with ease
  • Gain more awareness about the impact of behaviour on others
  • Equip participants with tools to think critically

Learning outcomes

  • How to manage generational differences
  • How to accelerate your career and earn early promotion
  • A framework to make career and life decisions

Who is right

  • Fresh graduates
  • Graduating students


Noelle Lim is a Director of BFM-Edge Education. She was VP of corporate communications at DBS Bank Singapore, and prior to that, a presenter and first employee at BFM 89.9 where she was instrumental in establishing the station's straight-talking reputation. She was also a contributor to Forbes Asia and The Edge, and had worked with OSK Investment Bank, the Securities Commission, and Arthur Andersen & Co in various roles - strategy, corporate finance, and audit. She is a Fellow of the Eisenhower Fellowships US; Temasek Foundation's Asia Journalism Fellowship in Singapore; and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW). She graduated with a BSc Accounting (1:1) from the University of Hull under a full scholarship.

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BFM Emerging Leaders Programme

In a world marked by uncertainty, change is inevitable and challenging to manage. Organisations need adaptable managers who can initiate and support transformation efforts.

BFM’s second flagship course, the Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP) (formerly Gen Y Leadership Programme, GYP) is designed to equip new managers with the mindset and tools to enhance their self-awareness, build stronger teams, and increase their leadership effectiveness.

This five-day programme links strategy and innovation, followed by a deep dive into human-centred design methodology and leadership. You will get an opportunity to do an assessment to identify your strengths and blind spots as a manager and learn how to lead yourself and your team more effectively. 

Participants are typically new managers and may be interviewed prior to enrolment.

A certificate of participation is awarded for completing the programme. 

Programme Goals

  • Prepare new managers to lead teams
  • Develop a generation of visionary leaders
  • Equip managers to lead change and innovation

Learning Outcomes

  • Lead human-centred design process
  • Manage self and others
  • Coach team for high performance

What you can expect

  • Presentation, activities and project work
  • Talks by career and human resource experts
  • Reflection on professional goals

Who is right

  • Staff in their first managerial position
  • Staff transitioning to managerial positions
  • Staff in the strategy, product/service development or CEO's office


Innovation, 11 - 12 September

As industries are disrupted by digital players, it is critical that managers understand the language of innovation. You will learn about the connection between strategy and innovation, and through human-centred design methodology, you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of your customers to pursue new areas of growth. 

Leadership, 13 - 15 September

This module aims to help you sharpen your skills as a confident leader by increasing your self-awareness as a manager and equipping you to lead others effectively. You will explore different leadership skills and values, how to use your time as a manager, and how to hold yourself and others accountable. You will also cover the foundation of coaching and managing conflict.

Entrepreneurial Leadership, 15 September 

You will get an inside perspective from the founder of BFM Media on building an entrepreneurial organisation. Built on an egalitarian culture and a mission to “build first-world Malaysians”, BFM encourages its employees of all ages to have purpose and to experiment with new ideas.



Christoffer Erichsen, CEO, Human Inc

Erichsen has over 20 years of experience in the fields of innovation, learning and change. He has led and delivered large change management and innovation projects in Europe and Southeast Asia. He advises the UN on innovation, works with business leaders, and mentors startups. He has also been involved in supporting urban innovation in the Middle East and is collaborating with The Danish Design Centre.

Cheryl Wong, Certified Professional Coach, Innovative Formula

Wong has over 20 years of corporate human resource experience, having worked at Accenture as a consultant and at the British American Tobacco Group. Leveraging her rich professional experience, she gives participants practical, commercial insights which help them deliver results. She holds an honours degree in economics from University of Malaya, and an MBA from Heriot-Watt University. She is also a Certified Coach/Mentor, BarOn EQi Assessor and Professional Trainer.

Kitty Foo, Certified Professional Coach, Innovative Formula

Foo has over 20 years of multinational corporate experience in the fields of management, marketing and training, and brings with her a passion to build the skills of the people she works with. She graduated with a Bachelor of Public Administration (first class honours) at Universiti Utara Malaysia, and is a gold medal recipient for the class of 1992. Foo is also an ACC Certified Coach/Mentor, BarOn EQi Assessor and Professional Trainer.



“This programme is very relevant at this stage of my career. There were lots of interesting concepts, stories and topics covered - all very interesting.” Amruta Vivek Patkar, Manager, The Boston Consulting Group (GYP ’16)

“The programme was very relatable and relevant to me, and the faculty gave good examples in illustrating their points.” Cheah Lie Yee, Manager, GoGet (GYP ’16)

“I like the practical focus, examples, and engaging speakers with good experiences to share. The modules are well focused on new managers. I learned about coaching, leading self and flexible thinking strategy.” Dexter Foong, Manager, Rampai Niaga (GYP ’16)

“I like the networking, and getting to know the faculty and participants. It was a very positive environment on top of very good content.” Megat Armand Yazid Jeffrey Adzman, Manager, PLM Solutions (GYP ’16)

“The faculty was insightful, clear on delivery and supportive in guiding discussions.” Muhammad Ezanie Noorazman, Associate, Khazanah Nasional (GYP ’16)

“The leadership faculty constantly reinforce their material with quizzes and games. They were very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly, and provided a comfortable environment to talk about important and personal topics.” Johari Imran Lok, Director, Rasa Perpaduan (GYP ’16)

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UGL - Understanding Group & Leader (by Swedish Defence)

Designed by the Swedish National Defence College, Understanding Group & Leader (UGL) is the most highly regarded leadership training in Sweden and is widely used in the Swedish army and organisations such as IKEA and Volvo. The main areas of the course are group development and leadership, communication and effective feedback, conflict management and team building in connection to increased self-awareness, personality factors, drivers and group dynamics.

UGL is an intensive five-day residential course including evening activities that uses experience-based learning with group members working individually and in groups to solve different tasks. This is followed by reflection on personal insights and feedback between participants based on emotions and reactions occurring while working together. What was experienced as positive and negative and what could have been done differently. These insights are shared in reflection sessions after each group task and in a session called "the rearview mirror" every morning. After UGL training, participants say they experience greater effectiveness as group members and leaders, and that the learnings provide concrete tools that can be used in everyday business life.

Participants are typically between 25 to 45 years old, senior managers and above who are interested in honing their skills as a developmental leader.


Each class is strictly limited to 12 participants.

Those who come from the same company should preferably not know or work with each other.

Every participant is expected to attend all sessions, both days and evenings - the group does not proceed until everyone is present.

The programme does not involve major physical activity but requires participants to be emotionally fit and are not undergoing personal and work crisis.


  • Become more effective as a group member and a leader
  • Move from command and control style of leadership to developmental leadership
  • Understand how your leadership and communication styles affect others
  • Learn to become an adaptable leader and communicator
  • Understand yourself better as a leader
  • Build cohesive and high-performing teams


Jan Ingerlund is the CEO of Här & Nu Ledarskap (Here & Now), a Swedish leadership and group development training company he started in 1998. He has trained managers in many well-known organisations, both Swedish and international for more than 16 years, and organises and facilitates UGL training in Swedish and English. He also certifies new facilitators on behalf of the Swedish National Defense College who owns the rights of UGL.


Register your interest with Noelle Lim at

For participants who are interested in attending UGL training outside Malaysia, there are courses in English and Swedish in Stockholm (Nasby Castle). For more info, contact Noelle Lim,

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