In the age of disruption, organisations be it startups and mature businesses require entrepreneurial leaders - people who have the ability to look ahead, question the status quo, persuade others to accept new ideas, and pivot quickly. However for every successful startup or change process, there are many failures, and it is a personal cost to leaders who put their reputation and career on the line. How then can leaders accelerate success while managing the downside?

With the aim of helping you succeed as an entrepreneurial leader, Tom Kosnik of Stanford University will take you on a journey in exploring the Silicon Valley mindset and behaviours in creating strategic capabilities. In this one day intensive programme, you will learn how to transform your teams from good to great, how to build and sustain an innovation culture, and assess the risks of new business ventures. You will also consider how his ideas can be adopted by you and your organisation to increase its odds for success.

Who is this for?

  • Business owners, CEOs, and boards of directors

  • Head of departments and senior managers

  • Leaders tasked to set up innovation and strategy teams







Challenges facing today’s leaders - going from good to great

How to help your team get out of their comfort zone and transform from good to great.




Innovation within the company

How to identify and execute winning innovations, and learn practical tools to build a more innovative culture.




Is that opportunity worth pursuing?

Systematic approach in assessing the viability, attractiveness and risks of new business ventures.


Exercise: Real time implementation

Participants discuss how and what they would implement based on what they learned.




Thomas (Tom) Kosnik teaches global entrepreneurial marketing, technology entrepreneurship, and the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Program at Stanford’s Department of Management Science and Engineering. He is also a consulting professor for National University of Singapore Overseas Colleges Program in Silicon Valley on venture creation, and serves as co-academic director at Stanford Center for Professional Development. He has taught marketing at Harvard Business School and launched its entrepreneurial marketing course, and co-authored “Gear Up: Test Your Business Model Potential and Plan your Path to Success”.

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RM 1590

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RM 1378

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3 November 2017 (Friday)

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13 November 2017 (Monday)

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